Stress-free Staffing For Your Event

Experience Your Event, Stress-Free! Let us handle the details while you fully immerse yourself in the moment. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless event, allowing you to truly enjoy the occasion alongside your guests. Discover hassle-free event staffing for your next memorable gathering.

White Glove Service
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Event Staffing Services

Here are the list of some of the services we can provide for your event and every stage of the event hosting process.

Preparation and Setup

Event Coordinator/Planner
Clean the event area
Decoration Setup
Equipment Setup
Preparation of Food and Drinks
Moving Furniture
Supply Stocking
Setting up Displays and Exhibits
Setting up Stage and Backdrop
Assisting with Technical Support

Attending to the Guests

Bus Person/Waiter Assistant
Concession Worker
Crowd Control
Direct and Guide Traffic
Greeting Guest
Parking Assistance
Serve Food and Drinks
Bartending Services
Coat Check
Audiovisual Technicians
Assisting with Seating

Cleanup and Loading

Clean up event Area
Guest Departure
Package Drinks & Foods
Put away Decorations
Teardown Equipment
Pack the Cars
Disassemble furniture
Dispose of waste and recycling
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Our Staffing Stress Free Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with our staffing service, we have a money-back guarantee with no questions asked. We set our standard according to the industry-leading event services standards. Don't just staff your event, grab a guaranteed stress-free event.

What Hosts Are Saying About Us

We pride ourselves on providing exemplary services with our awesome staffing team of helpers.

Carlenya Veasley

Eddie was an experienced pro at breaking down and cleaning up. Very little directions were needed. Both he and Alexis worked fast and made cleanup a breeze after our event. I will for sure use Kelly Rentals event staffing services in the future!

Lakayla richardson

The customer service is great here. The staff was amazing. He was such a big help to the end of a long day I forgot he was there at some point. He was polite, quick, and efficient and I would definitely reuse their staff again.

Tiffany Conner

Thank you all for servicing my event on Friday, August 19, 2022. The entire staff was very helpful and friendly. Special thank you to Danica. Her customer service was awesome! 🥰 I will definitely use you all in the future and will refer others! Thank you Kelly Rentals! ~Tiffany

Alexandria Wadley

I requested staffing for an event and two gentlemen showed up ready to work! Eddie and K were so considerate and so proactive and went above and beyond to help make our employee appreciation lunch a bit! Will definitely use Kelly Rentals again in the future.

Anshai Torah

Great Company to work with, came on a last minute call, very respectful staff. We will be doing business again with Kelly Rentals for sure. We highly recommend calling Kelly Rentals for any event you may have. Thank You for Danica for helping us with our Tent Setup!

Tuere Williams

Kelly Event Staffing can always be depended on for providing excellent service staff. This past weekend we worked with Keibron and Akira - they were flexible, attentive, and very friendly. They helped us out in a tremendous way!
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What We Believe In

We believe every host and guest should have a stress-free event and don’t need to worry about working at their event. Instead, they should enjoy their time at their event with peace of mind because they know that the venue and the guests are being taken care of by someone they can rely on. Whether the event is from your home or a location you lease, you should not be worried about cleaning up everything after the event is done. Wake up the following day with a clean house as if nothing happened.